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Let’s create a compelling brand story, a distinctive positioning and an identity to match!

This is what your brand team does

Brand story

A brand story clarifies messaging, it takes the dull parts out and it communicates the aspects of the brand that makes our customers achieve their goals and connects them with your brand on an emotional level.

The output is a one-pager that underpins all communication – from sales pitch to social media post.

Competitive positioning

Differentiate from the competition on customer choice factors and communication. Make crystal clear why a customer should choose you over your competitors.

Positioning leads to a differentiating brand proposition and inspires a brand identity. 

Brand identity

A unique and distinguishing identity to be used in all communication – to make communication an effective instrument.

Your identity expresses your values and personality. An identity is not just visual, it’s also feel and sound. 

we brought our selling story to life!
Sarah Nash, Innova Market Insights

Brand story

Imagine telling your story in a compelling and relatable way. That your customers hang onto your every word. That they understand what fundamental transformation they accomplish when doing business with you.

We have a clear 7-step framework to construct your awesome brand story. It starts with the hero’s desire and the problems he faces to fulfil this desire. As in any great story, the hero is transformed in a meaningful way at the end. 

The brand story underpins all communication: It is the basis of consistent communication. Our clients use a brand story for an elevator pitch, a sales pitch, copy on the site, what they tell about the company to new employees,  in social media posts etc. 

We’ve helped dozens of B2B brands tell their story. Curious about your story?

Competitive positioning

Your clients need to have a clear choice. How do you stand out? What makes you different – in a meaningful way?

We employ a number of instruments to achieve this. We take a deeper look in what the orientation of communication is of your competitors and the energy in which they communicate. Maybe your competitors communicate on process or product. Then you can differentiate by communicating on purpose or people. 

We also create an industry value curve. This shows how your competitors score on competing factors. The creative step is to then find or create your space.

The result is a unique brand proposition and information that helps determining your identity.


Remarkable brand identity

Your identity makes you remarkable and recognisable. It expresses your values and personality. An identity is not just visual, it’s also feel and sound. Applied on all media imaginable.

Creating an identity require the very best specialists. That is why we work with lab-3 on sound identity; with selected copywriters on tone-of-voice, and often involve the others creativity for the visual part of the identity.

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