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Webhelp is a global leader in customer experience solutions. Their approach combines human expertise with AI to develop integrated customer journeys across various channels and enterprises.

SME Impact Lending Playbook

We created a playbook that deals with the challenges and opportunities of impact lending for SMEs. We provided inspiration for tailoring a strategy along six different routes.


The Privileged Access Management market is booming. KeyHub has a great product in this market: it protects privileged resources effectively while being very friendly to us, humans. Our services? Brand repositioning, marketing stack, advertising and growth hacking business development. Check out the site.

Effortless Lending

Fyndoo is Topicus’ brand in business lending. We worked with their team to construct an inspiring brand story. Next to that, we constructed a new pitch, a new site, sales material and more!

Digital magazine for Floriday

Explaining a new digital platform for growers is not easy. We’ve created a digital magazine that supports Royal FloraHolland’s account managers.

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