Prepare for take-off

Tell your best story

Prepare for take-off

Tell your best story

We love companies that are prepared to embrace the ‘unboring’ side of technology marketing and creativity. Companies that are aggressive, not scared of the unknown, ready to have fun. And we love working together with such companies to create awesome ideas, build a better brand, tell its best story, and sell more! At More Awesome we focus on tech B2B because we know this space – intimately.

B2B and tech markets move lightning fast. In the blink of an eye your opportunity has come and gone. The sector is full of awesome thinkers, razor-sharp analytical minds and genuine thought leaders.

A passion for the company and product is never in question. But, strange enough, the story told often lacks heart and originality.

Stand out…or stand down

We’re here to work with you to reload your marketing stack or to build it from scratch. Everything from value proposition to awesome B2B marketing concepts to content marketing programs that fills your inbound marketing machine.

More Awesome. It’s not about us. It’s about you. About the position you and your marketing needs to find if it’s to stand out from the crowd. And we’re going to help you get there.
The winners are the ones who tell the best stories

Imagine: you’re a marketeer

of a sportswear company selling sports shoes. Also imagine that you – like your competition – communicate about the grip of shoes on wet tarmac. And about wear and tear guarantees. Or the continuously optimised production process of the soles. Exciting!

The obvious opportunity is to communicate on a much more emotional level. For example about athletic aspiration. About a ‘just do it’ mentality. That would make you stand out, make your product desirable in a different way and even make it possible for you to increase the price. Quite a splash, wouldn’t you agree?

Marketing in B2B technology is very much like this. Companies communicate endlessly about features, in a mostly very boring manner. Which is exactly why it is an exciting opportunity.

Technical nature makes it difficult - not impossible

Selling technology products is surely more complex than selling shoes or candy bars. Telling a story about these products and services is not easy. The technical nature of the domain makes it difficult to create a compelling story, but not impossible. We combine a deep understanding of technology with creative marketing and story telling capabilities.

So, start telling your best story. A story your customers want to listen to because they care. A story they’ll remember and retell. A story that appeals to the heart. A story that is authentic and true.

Not a candy bar

Pleased to meet you
B2B creativity is different. It’s a dish that requires a special sauce if it’s to be tempting. We call it ‘Awesomeness’. Which is why we’ve built an awesome team that blends talent from the technology and marketing worlds. People with experience. People who’ve actually run companies and created successful startups themselves.

Come and meet the team!